Our Ecotourism Label                     

It is with great pride that we announce the new Travelife certification that East African Voyage has received for its noted sustainable and ecological practices in its tourism activities.

Since its creation in 2007, East African Voyage has always worked to promote sustainable, responsible and authentic tourism. We believe that our ecological values ​​and our concern to reduce unnecessary waste is fully compatible with our desire to offer services of exceptional quality. In this desire to minimize environmental damage from the tourism industry, we offer reusable water bottles on board all our vehicles. This practice allows us to avoid thousands of plastic bottles that pollute the already fragile ecosystem of a country with precarious waste management capabilities.

East African Voyage operates with a service that tries to lower environmental impact to the minimum. The company employs hundreds of employees all year long. We endorse the standards established by Kilimanjaro National Park for weight restrictions on the baggage they carry for all our porters. Every member of our staff has been trained as a wilderness rescuer so that they can take appropriate action in the event of an emergency. We always organize a preparatory day with our participants to properly prepare and review your equipment so as to ensure that you do not miss any essential equipment. All in all to achieve our goal which is to help you to a safe, satisfying and comfortable adventure!

We view Travelife as a natural partner in our mission and are very proud to be one of the few East African agencies to receive this certification. The organization demands superior standards for the quality and integrity of its members in their green practices. We therefore consider this certification a privilege.


Founded in 2007 by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), the Dutch National Association of Travel Agencies ANVR, with the support of Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), Lund University (Sweden) and ECEAT-projects, Travelife Sustainability System is an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry.

Certification is based on the following standards and guidelines:
• EMAS III: The EU Environmental Management and Audit Scheme.
• ISO 14001: Environmental Management
• UNEP: Logistics Circuits Management Manuals by TOI – Tour Operator’s
• GRI: Tourism Supplement of the Global Reporting Initiative
• GSTC: Global Criteria for Sustainable Tourism
• OECD: Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
• ISO 26000: Guidelines & Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Founded in 2003, the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project (KPAP) is an initiative whose mission is to improve the working conditions of porters on Kilimanjaro and to promote socially responsible climbs on Kilimanjaro.

East African Travel works closely with KPAP to ensure that our porters are properly treated. As the Partner for Responsible Travel Program, EAV is well recognized for treating well its mountain teams.



East African Voyage is a partner of International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC), which aims to minimize the impact of tourism on Kilimanjaro. This NGO runs several projects, including the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project. It also informs climbers about the fair treatment of porters and encourages them to choose a socially responsible travel agency.



East African Voyage is part of the Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators (TATO). This association represents more than 256 tour operators in Tanzania. It is responsible for maintaining good quality and high standards among its members.



East African Voyage is a partner of Carbon Tanzania, a social enterprise that works with indigenous communities to develop an innovative approach to preserve forests allover Tanzania.

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