The East African Voyage Team                     

Our team is made up of experienced and motivated staff who are as dedicated as they are passionate in organizing and bringing live your dream trip.

Julie Veillette, Director

Meet Julie Veillette, founding manager and one of the directors here at East African Voyage. Julie has been in the tourism business since the early 2000s when she moved from Quebec to Tanzania. Now, Julie lives in Tanzania exploring the beautiful country with her family. “I am as excited as I am passionate when it comes to organizing safari trips and mountain ascents. I have been on multiple safaris allover East Africa’s must see places so organizing a trip for you is as thrilling as it is planning my own dream safari” Julie says. Being in the business for so many years has made Julie an expert in planning, organizing and executing the perfect trips for many people from allover the world. Julie has facilitated more than 1000 trips since 2005 so it is fair to say that she has a far-reaching expertise in organizing safaris and mountain ascents to all around East Africa. Feel free to email Julie in English or French.

Onesmo Gabriel, Director

Meet Onesmo Gabriel, our founding manager and one of the directors here at East African Voyage Onesmo grew up in a Maasai village and has been a mountain guide and safari expert for almost 20 years now. In early 2000s Onesmo married Jullie and the couple founded East African Voyage. Ever since, Onesmo has been training and leading our team of staff to arrange mountain ascents and safaris based on sheer first hand experience.
“East African Voyage is the best way to experience Tanzania in the most authentic and sustainable way. Our company is a proud member of KPAP, Carbon Tanzania, TATO and Travel life. We strive to offer you adventures to East Africa's must see places in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible"" Onesmo Says.
Over the years, East African Voyage has developed partnerships and connections from other local and international companies throughout the world all in all to make sure that we can organize and deliver tailor-made trips to people all over the world; so wherever you are in the world feel free to contact our team.

Alex, Fidelis, Godson, Guides

Alex, Fidelis, and Godson are some of our glorified guides. They have built their careers traveling around Tanzania and training in institutions abroad, so they are well equipped with the information and adventure everyone longs for.
“We know Tanzania and hence we have selected the best hotels and lodges for you to make your stay perfect. Our interlocutors are dedicated to provide quality, personalized service which is attentive to your wishes. Our vocation is to organize a custom tour, to welcome you here and to share with you our passion and our knowledge about tourism” Alex says.
All our guides are Tanzanian locals and are certified guides with professional first aid and wilderness training. They all have ample experience and know their way around Tanzania’s national parks, mountains, culture and Zanzibar’s beaches. We have multilingual guides who speak Swahili and either English, French, or German. If you need multilingual guides during mountain ascents and safaris, you will be provided on request. All our guides are here to share with you their love for this country in the most authentic and educative way possible.

Lucky Salim, Sales and Marketing

Meet Lucky. Lucky was born and brought up in Tanzania and later on moved to North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Now she is back in Tanzania and she works at East African Voyage marketing department organizing wonderful adventures throughout East Africa for English and German clients.
“I love to plan people's vacations-when I imagine where they will go, the routes they will take, the animals and plants and people that they will see-it's like taking a vacation myself. With every new itinerary I build up to my knowledge of this beautiful country which I am very excited to share with everyone” Lucky says.
Feel free to contact Lucky in English or German and arrange for the magical adventures you have been dreaming of.

Maria Accounts

Meet Maria, our head of accounting.
Maria was born and raised in Tanzania, at a Maasai family and she is also a nature enthusiast. Maria has been working for East African Voyage since its early years, and she is fully commited to the wellbeing of the company.
"Working for a tourism company that is as ethical as East African Voyage is a thrill. We have the best workplace environment and unlike many companies in Tanzania, East African Voyage gives priority to women guides and staff and that is what I like most about the company." Maria says.
Maria's dedication and passion towards her job is what makes her so good at it. With our accounts in her hands, we feel confident and privileged to have her.


When you are all done planning your itineraries and you’ve set the dates, packed your bags and booked your tickets ready for your adventure, our logistics team reviews your trip one last time and coordinates everything accordingly.
Mengoriki is the head of the logistics department. He has been a guide for many years and he is well equipped with the experience and resources to bring your dream safari come true.
Our logistics team facilitates transfers, guides, and all other details you made clear when creating your itineraries.
Our logistics team is 100% local and have lived in Tanzania and worked in the industry for many years. They know the ins and outs of the country and you can be assured that they have already overseen any potential problems and dealt with them before you got on your flight to Tanzania. We are also very experienced and are well equiped with the connetions and resources to ensure that (if any) last minute changes are dealt with smoothly.